Instead of replacing your computer every other year when it becomes obsolete we can upgrade and optimize your existing computers to today’s demanding standards, thus keeping your systems on top of the cutting edge of technology.  The IT Professionals can provide you with our Home-Upgrades Solutions. For Immediate Support Call Today 310-701-6169

Call The IT Professionals Team to handle your Home-Virus Protection.  Your computer is always at a risk of getting a virus infection. A virus spreads itself from one host computer to your computer through networks, Internet or removal media like CD, DVD and USB drives. Some viruses start harming your computer as soon as their code is executed while others remain inactive until certain conditions cause your computer to automatically execute their codes.

For Immediate Support Call 310-701-6169


Usually we’re able to recover all the data from your device with our Home-Data Recovery Service. In rare cases, we will be able to recover a portion of your data. If you are unsatisfied with the recovered data, there is no charge. If we are unable to recover any data, you will not be charged, and we can coordinate having your drive sent to a more intensive (and expensive) data recovery facility.

For Immediate Support: 310-701-6169

Frank is amazing!!!!! His knowledge and customer service is the best! Also the speed to get questions answered and trouble shoot your computer is the best I have even had.


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