The IT Professionals Team is your Data Recovery Experts in Southern California. We are considered to be one of the most reliable and experienced hard drive recovery providers in the industry. Utilizing the latest and most advanced data recovery tools to date, we are capable in retrieving our customer’s data safely, quickly, and affordable.

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Data loss does not have to be permanent and data recovery does not have to be unaffordable. The IT Professionals Team pledges to provide you with the fastest, safest, and most reliable data recovery in Southern California area. Call our staff today and see just how hassle free data recovery can be.



Recovery is Available For Just About Anything That Holds Data
— Computers, Laptops, Servers running any version of Windows —
— Any  internal or external hard drive
— RAID arrays
— Digital camera media (compact flash, memory stick, smart media, micro drives, SD and mini SD cards)
–USB flash drives
— Removable media (floppy disks, Zip disks, SyQuest, etc)
— No Charge if the Data Isn’t Recovered to Your Satisfaction

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Usually we’re able to recover all the data from your device. In rare cases, we will be able to recover a portion of your data. If you are unsatisfied with the recovered data, there is no charge. If we are unable to recover any data, you will not be charged, and we can coordinate having your drive sent to a more intensive (and expensive) data recovery facility.

Why do hard drives fail?
Inside every hard drive are one or more platters (usually glass) coated with magnetic material. The platter is spinning at 4,200 to 10,000 rotations per minute. Just like a record player sped up a hundred times. There are tiny read/write “heads” floating over the platter on delicate arms.

The distance from head to platter is less than the breadth of a human hair. If the head accidentally touches the platter, it acts like a snowplow, scraping the magnetic material and your data off the platter. Forever. That’s just one way they can fail.

The most common causes of data loss are:
— Mechanical failure of the drive caused by being dropped, bumped while in use, or manufacturer defect; data corruption or directory damage caused by forgetting to eject disks before removing them, computer crashes, viruses, power loss, or plain bad luck.
— Accidental deletion of files by emptying the trash, reformatting the hard drive, or reinstalling the operating system.
— Environmental disasters like fires, floods, power surges, or extreme heat & humidity.

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Why does the damage occur? Is it my fault, and how can I prevent it?
The computer’s operating system (OS), is responsible for reading and writing data to your drives.

Besides writing the actual data, the OS has to update the indices that keep track of which file is where. If the computer crashes, loses power, or experiences another problem, it’s possible that a file is written properly, but its index gets corrupted.

There are a few precautions you can take. It’s best not to move a computer while the drive is spinning. Ideally, you would put a portable computer to sleep before moving it. Properly ejecting disks makes sure that their directories are properly updated before you disconnect them.

If you are shutting down the computer, you don’t need to eject disks. The OS will take care of properly updating each drive before it actually shuts down the computer. So, directory damage is usually not your fault, and you probably can’t prevent it, but you can help.

Can I recover the data myself ?
You may be able to recover some data depending on how your files were lost. If you don’t know how your files where lost, getting professional help is always your best option.
Mechanical failures: Software cannot fix a mechanically failing drive (ever).

Running these utilities on a failing drive can quickly destroy data, which could have been professionally recovered.

Data corruption or directory damage: If you are not backed up and your data is essential, we recommend using a professional data recovery service. Read the next question for our thoughts and warnings on repair utilities.

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